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Embrace your inner Harry Potter, Dante, or Raymond K Hessel with Change Wizard

Sometimes, the most interesting things to come out of a startup accelerator are the completely unexpected things. Like random collaborations among classmates. Last year, the Marvelous DB came from a collaboration between PIE alums Orchestrate and Stand In. And now, Oregon Story Board has its own awesome collaboration. With Change Wizard. Read More

Okay, it just got weird: Jason Bateman to direct, star as Portland's Mike Merrill, the publicly traded man

We like our weird in Portland. It’s true. We’re so weird, in fact, that we stole our “Keep Portland Weird” slogan from Austin, Texas. That’s how weird we are. So when a guy decides to sell shares in himself and allow shareholders to decide his fate, we’re like “Yeah. That happened.” But when Jason Bateman enters the picture, we have to take pause. Because, yeah. Shit just got weird. Read More

There is another: Publicly traded Mike Merrill asks shareholders to guide Jackson Gariety's promising future

File under “I can’t make this shit up.” So you know Mike Merrill, right? He’s a—potentially the only—publicly traded person. He has shareholders who vote on decisions that help him guide his life. Yes, it’s awesome. And it’s very Portland. And now? It may get a little more Portlandy. If shareholders approve his proposal. Read More