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Embrace your inner Harry Potter, Dante, or Raymond K Hessel with Change Wizard

Sometimes, the most interesting things to come out of a startup accelerator are the completely unexpected things. Like random collaborations among classmates. Last year, the Marvelous DB came from a collaboration between PIE alums Orchestrate and Stand In. And now, Oregon Story Board has its own awesome collaboration. With Change Wizard. Read More

It is pitch black. You're unlikely to be eaten by a grue. Meet Mayday! Deep Space.

Without getting too philosophical. There are times. (NOTE: This is getting too philosophical, already.) There are times when you’re kind of there in a moment. And you realize that your perception has been nudged. Maybe tweaked. Maybe changed. But definitely nudged. And it’s some crazy work of art that has managed to do it. And I’ll be damned if Mayday! Deep Space hasn’t managed to do that to me. Read More