As part of the inaugural ThingWeek Portland, you are invited to hack #allthethings

Portland is no stranger to a hackathons. Hack this. Hack that. Hack the other thing. Portland does it. From cranking code to soldering boards to rethinking civic data. Hacking is part of our collaborative and collegial nature as a community. And it’s a way that we explore technology with others. But usually not with a ton of other folks.

It seems that the vast majority of Portland hackathons tend to be smaller, more intimate gatherings. At a coffee shop or cowork space. Among a few friends. And it happens so often it can seem, well, par for the course. Commonplace. The usual. (I wanted to say “yoogue” but I never know how to spell that.)

So when we hear rumblings that there’s a big ol’ hackathon in the works, our collective ears perk up. It’s out of the ordinary. And it’s just the kind of thing that the community needs. Every once in awhile.

And that’s why I’d like you to get ready to be happy. And hacky.

Presenting the Hackathon of Things, a massive gathering of Internet of Things hacking taking place this Friday and Saturday as part of the inaugural ThingWeek Portland.

Hack on the Internet of Things for 20 hours. SmartThings, Uncorked Studios, and our partners invite hackers, designers, and product innovators to join us to prototype products with purpose, utility, and value.

As we enter a world where every “thing” is connected, now is the time to experiment and tinker with hardware and software to create something new. We’re excited to meet you and see what you build!

And here’s the best part. You’ll have a veritable toy box full of hardware with which to muck, including:

  • Aeotec by Aeon Labs Z-wave LED bulb
  • Aeotec by Aeon Labs Z-wave switch
  • Aruba Networks Beacons
  • Cree Connected LED bulb
  • Electric Imp Standard SD Kit
  • Jawbone UP3
  • Intel Edison
  • Intel Galilleo Gen 2
  • Meld Knob and clip
  • Particle Spark Core
  • Pebble Watch
  • Philips Hue bulbs
  • SmartThings Hub (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cloud-to-Cloud, LAN)
  • SmartThings SmartSense Moisture Sensor
  • SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor
  • SmartThings SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
  • SmartThings SmartPower Outlet
  • SmartThings SmartSense Presence Sensor
  • SmartThings SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor
  • SmartThings ThingShield (Ardiuno)
  • Wunderbar Sensor module
  • Yale Connected Deadbolt Lock
  • … and various hardware from SparkFun

The event is sponsored by a bunch of folks and will be held at Simple‘s new office in the Rivertek building (formerly Puppet Labs). Join your hosts—Uncorked Studios and SmartThings—there for 20 hours of unmitigated hacking.

What’s that? You’re not sure you’re up to the opportunity? Well, you’re in luck. SmartThings will be holding a workshop on Thursday evening over at Uncorked to make sure you have all of the info you need.

So what are you waiting for? Get to hacking. Or get ready to get hacking. Or whatever. But for now, RSVP for the Hackathon of Things.

[Full disclosure: Uncorked Studios and Simple are PIE alums. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. But this hackathon is awesome either way.]

  1. We have also added Automatic clips and Tessel to the list!
    Keep your eye on the site for any additional hardware we add.

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