Will I have anywhere to sit? Workfrom provides details on how busy popular Portland workspots are — in real time

We’ve all been there. You just need a few minutes of wifi and coffee before your next meeting. Or you’re looking for somewhere to hunker down for a while so you can focus. But you walk into your favorite spot and it’s completely slammed. Line out the door. Nowhere to sit. Don’t we have technology for this?

We do. And Workfrom is implementing it.

So now you get info on the best spots to work—and you can determine how crowded they are right from the comfort of your own laptop.

Since the beginning of Workfrom, way back in 2014, we’ve focused on leading innovation for those who work outside of a traditional office and from coffee shops, bars, cafes or just about anywhere we can comfortably be productive. Built specifically for today’s “always-on, on-the-go” worker, the Workfrom community has grown rapidly—in large part by surfacing the top places from city-to-city to get work done.

With the launch of our real-time seating capacity, we’re providing a fresh and innovative look into open seating from a distance. This inside information will help us stay more productive than ever and visit our favorite venues at times most conducive to getting work done throughout the day.

Several of Portland’s remote working hot spots have been outfitted with high-tech sensors, allowing the entrances and exits of patrons to be determined in real-time. Using this data, while taking into account the total available seating capacity of each location, we can accurately display open seating to members of our community through a simple and intuitive widget. The information is updated about every 30 seconds to ensure reliability.

Awesome right? That’s right.

For more information or to try it for yourself, visit Workfrom.