Your next meetup could be doing more to build community if it's at The Oregon Public House

Portland’s tech startup industry is often closely intertwined with a number of other startups in town. Food carts. Coffeeshops. Bike shops. Restaurants. And of course, brewpubs. But the next time you’re looking for somewhere to host your tech meetup, you might want to consider The Oregon Public House.

Why? Because buying pints there gives back to the community. It’s the world’s first nonprofit pub.

Portland, Oregon is the craft brewing capital of America and supports an extensive, thriving pub culture. Portland also hosts more non-profit organizations per capita than any other city in America. We leveraged these two unique attributes of our city by creating a family-friendly restaurant where neighbors can come build community around good food and craft beer, while supporting great causes. To integrate this vision of a pub with a social backbone, we have established relationships with a number of non-profit organizations to which our pub donates 100% of net profits. Over the 22 months since we opened, we have partnered with more the 50 organizations to promote their amazing work while also putting a little cash in their coffers.

And now, they’re expanding those efforts with Kickstarter campaign for Aletruism Brewing.


And they’re really really close.

So if you like the idea of giving back to the community while you’re bonding over a pint, consider kicking in on the Aletruism Brewing Kickstarter campaign.