Hitting a little close to home: HBO's Silicon Valley has a tinge of Portlandia as local startup types advise Pied Piper

If you’re in the startup scene, you’ve probably happened across the HBO series Silicon Valley, a Mike Judge vehicle that does a great job of capturing the inanity of the startup world. For many of us, it’s a cringe inducing slice of life that is sometimes more torture than entertainment. But Series 2 episode 4 may be a little more bearable—because Portlanders contributed to it.

Portland startup types Jenna Hildebrand and Davy Stevenson served as technical advisors.

(Hat tip to Reid Beels)

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  1. It’s all Davy and Jenna. I wish I were as funny as they are. All I did was tweet the screenshot… no technical advising on my end.

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