A whole lot more to love: XOXO awesomeness is now available year round in a collaborative space

It only makes sense. I mean, a couple of folks who rethought the whole event experience can rethink other things. Like not only how we collaborate in short formats but how we collaborate with colleagues day after day. How we extend an ethos into a culture. How we work together. And how we support one another. And that’s why I’m incredibly excited and inspired by the new XOXO collaborative workspace in Portland.

In partnership with our friends at Instrument, we’re opening a permanent space for the XOXO community—a shared workspace for the independent people and projects we love, and a handful of companies building the tools they use every day.

The next stage of XOXO is 13,000 square feet of raw potential. Let’s fill it together.

With Portland creative agency Instrument moving into new digs, their old space, close in on the eastside, was the perfect opportunity for XOXO.

Our friends at Instrument have been supporters of XOXO since the beginning—here’s their writeup from last year—and with their help, we’re taking over the lease on their incredible workspace, a former World War II ship-building factory.

We hope to bring together some of our favorite people and projects in indie art and tech under one roof, as well as a handful of startups working on tools that help people stay independent.

And, of course, we’re ridiculously excited to have our own space to run weird and wonderful events year-round.

I can’t think of a better experiment for Portland. And there are no two people better than Andy Baio and Andy McMillan to run it.

For more information, see the XOXO post. To stay up to date, visit XOXO PDX.