It's like setting a tee time. But for Destiny. With less gaudy attire. Maybe.

The world of gaming has moved from that of a largely solitary basement dwelling existence to that of having practically every aspect of the experience happening in a social setting. With other gamers. And interactions. And shared environments. From competitive leaderboards to collaborating and competing with other gamers around the world.

And while there are any number of game play benefits to this trend, it isn’t without its drawbacks. The most obvious and consistent of which is having random packs of foul mouthed kids saying inappropriate things about your relatives just because you totally missed that one player that was waiting to ambush your team.

It wasn’t my fault. I totally got hit with lag. I swear.

Or I mean… um at least that’s what I hear it’s like.

One of the more popular games over the past year, Destiny, is no different. It can be awesome. But it can also be hard to find players with whom you might actually have something—besides Destiny—in common.

Well all of that is going to change. Now. Because a new player just entered the game. Meet The 100.

If you play video games, then you already know it’s more fun to play with other humans. But it’s not easy to find a dozen people who own the same game, on the same console, and have exactly the same schedule.

The 100 concept is simple: select when you play, your timezone, your age, whether you’re serious or casual, and we’ll automatically group you with 100 other like minded players.

You’ll have more fun playing video games, you’ll always have a group of fun people to play with, and you will totally dominate in PvP against a team of randoms. Probably.

Yep, that’s right. Find your peers. And have more fun playing. Now you can let those kids insult one another. And you can look forward to getting ripped a new one by someone in your own peer group for once. Or maybe, just maybe, enjoy your online gaming all the more.

The 100 is currently focused on Destiny game play. And it’s so popular that it even has its own subbreddit. What’s more, you can kind of assume where it can go from here in terms of supported games and platforms and whatnot. It’s almost, ahem, destined to move in that direction.

For more information or to form a group of your own, visit The 100.

  1. Phoenix Audubon July 2, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    “You’ll have more fun playing video games, you’ll always have a group of fun people to play with, and you will totally dominate in PvP against a team of randoms. Probably.”

    If only my original clan would help me in PvP–Trials of Osiris, specifically. I’ll gladly help out on PvE missions, but if I need help with PvP…I’m left to fend for myself. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good people, but we’re in the midst of the “Iron Banner” event, and I’m so tired of hearing of this one guy’s successes in PvP. Moreover, when other clanmates (besides myself) lament our struggles in PvP, he falls dead silent. No sympathy, no help.

    But besides that, yeah, The 100 has been helpful. I became a mod for a different clan, so I’m trying to give back.

  2. Overheard about this site today at work. Signed up as soon as I got back from lunch. I’ve been really wanting to get back into destiny but all the people I used to play with are higher level than me or stopped playing so I’m excited about this website

  3. This is an awesome concept I have been a member of the website for about 4 months and have become the moderator for 3 groups. It;s great being able to play with people that are more your own style and not like you said some foul mothed kid or overly aggressive player. Hopefully and can blossom into other games. Join it if you want to have fun.

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