Memorable research: Consano creates a simple way to fund medical research while honoring your loved ones

Portland startup Consano has been changing the way that medical research is funded, allowing anyone to establish fundraising campaigns directed at research. But they’re not stopping there. They noticed a trend in donations—donating in the name of a loved one—that inspired them to create a new feature for the service, Honor Funds.

After seeing how many people were donating to Consano crowdfunding projects in honor or in memory of someone, we created Honor Funds to give you an easy way to rally your community in honor or in memory of your loved one without spending the time or money required to start your own foundation.

You can create your own Honor Fund in a matter of minutes, and then you can take all the time you need to tell your loved one’s story. It costs you nothing, and Consano takes care of all the payment logistics to support the researcher of your choice. If you already have a researcher in mind to support, we will coordinate logistics with them. If you don’t know which researcher you’d like to support, Consano will help you find an innovative researcher who matches your family’s priorities.

For more information or to start your own fund in memory of someone, visit Consano Honor Funds. Or get even more involved and attend the upcoming Consano October fundraiser.

  1. Thanks for the call-out, Rick! It’s been exciting to get the Honor Funds up and running, and we are so excited to share them out with all of you!

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