Portland indie video game XO finds fans … and the funding needed to bring it to reality

One of the most interesting things about running Kickstarter campaigns, in my opinion, is the validation—or lack thereof—of an idea. Obviously, the funding is helpful. But the realization that other folks believe in what you’re doing and believe that you should keep doing it? That’s the real magic. And now, a new Portland indie video game, has gotten both the validation and the funding it needs. Meet XO.


Inspired by sci-fi works such as Battlestar Galactica, The Lost Fleet series, and games like FTL, our strategy game will test your skills as a leader in times of great need.

You are the captain of the last remaining battleship in the fleet. A relentless, overwhelming enemy has emerged to abduct your people. There’s no time to colonize planets, negotiate with alien races, or build an empire. You’re outnumbered, out-gunned, and low on resources. Knowing when it’s time to fight or flee will be the key to saving the human race.

Commanding your fleet and managing resources is only part of your job. You’ll also need to lead a variety of personalities as you gather and protect a flock of civilian ships. Who you choose to elect onto your council will affect the entire fleet and alter the options available to you. Your leadership will either inspire loyalty and sacrifice, or drive your people to treachery and sabotage…

Sound interesting? Well you better hurry. The XO project has already hit its goal on Kickstarter and it only has about a day remaining before the campaign ends.

For more information or to back the project, visit XO: a retro sci-fi strategy game for PC/Mac/Linux on Kickstarter.