How do you make commuting by bike in Portland even more awesome? By using Ride Report

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. We here in Portland are incredibly good at providing anecdotal evidence. At weaving together stories. At highlighting the qualitative. But when it comes to actually quantifying things? Not so much. How many? I don’t know. A lot? That’s why I love things like Ride Report.

Why? Because it’s going to provide some very real and quantifiable metrics and data on bike traffic in Portland that we haven’t had before. With a level of accuracy that far exceeds some of the current solutions, like the Hawthorne Bridge counter.

Every trip you log creates anonymous, open-source traffic data that helps riders, advocates and planners. We’re starting with the Stress Map, which shows real people’s riding experiences – over 20,000 and counting.

It doesn’t stop there. Later this fall, Ride Report will add personalized, crowd-sourced turn-by-turn directions that guarantee you a safe and enjoyable ride.

Built by William Henderson—whom you may remember from such hits as Knock and Square Wallet—Ride Report currently has a version of the app available for iOS. An Android version is in the works. It’s currently tracking Portland bike traffic, but they’re exploring other cities, as well.

For more information or try it yourself, visit Ride Report.

  1. Ugh. Yet another “bike ride tracking” app that is worse than Strava, which at least has an API that ride.report could pull data from.

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