Want XOXO to be more once a year? Get ready to be happy.

Now, there have been hints. And mentions. Of something more happening with XOXO, the annual—but never guaranteed to repeat—event that gathers independent artists in Portland every fall. And now, those hints have morphed into a gathering, in the new space that will house XOXO magic year round.


This January, we’re opening the doors to the XOXO Outpost, a 13,000 square foot shared workspace in Portland’s Central Eastside.

Think of the Outpost as the permanent, year-round incarnation of XOXO: a shared space that we’re filling with the independent people and projects we love.

We hope to build something more than just a place to sit on your laptop—a supportive community of people you’re excited to see every day, and XOXO’s extended network of friends and collaborators to help make your projects better.

For more information, drop by the XOXO Outpost at 419 NE 10th Avenue—the former home of Instrument—Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 6:00PM, to hear more about the plans for the space.

Pro tip: If you get lost, follow the smell of baking Franz bread, and you’ll wind up in the right vicinity.

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