Don't let your Slack worthy accomplishments vanish into the ether. Squash them.

If you’re like me, you’re spending more and more time in Slack. Like, it’s becoming your dashboard for all activity. So the more you can pipe in or accomplish within the chrome of Slack, the happier you are. Which is why I’m really happy to see folks mucking with functionality that improves the Slack experience. Like Portland developer Aaron Parecki‘s Squash Reports.

To put it quite simply, Squash Reports builds your status reports one Slack message at a time. For free. So long as you have integrations available under the cap.


For more information or to install it on your own Slack instance, visit Squash Reports. Or if you’d like to try before you by, I’ve installed Squash Reports on the Portland Startup Slack. Not part of it yet? You can join Portland Startups Slack here. And if you like it, give it a little love on Product Hunt.

Or take the opportunity to muck around under the hood of Squash Reports yourself. Because as with many of the awesome things Aaron does, Squash Reports is open source.