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Remember pingbacks? They’re back

In the early days of blogging, the concept of pingbacks became popular. At it’s very most basic, a pingback was an indication that someone had mentioned your blog post in their blog post. And it was a way of better understanding the interrelated Web of content that was the world of blogs — and a great way to discover new content. Now, Portland developer Aaron Parecki has made the activity possible again. For any Web page. With Webmention.

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Wondering what gear you need to present in this new all remote only environment?

No matter how well set up you’ve been as a remote employee, we’re all struggling with adapting to this new all remote, all of the time environment. That’s why I really appreciated the latest video from Portland’s Aaron Parecki on what sort of equipment makes for a more effective remote presentation setup — including lighting.

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Don't let your Slack worthy accomplishments vanish into the ether. Squash them.

If you’re like me, you’re spending more and more time in Slack. Like, it’s becoming your dashboard for all activity. So the more you can pipe in or accomplish within the chrome of Slack, the happier you are. Which is why I’m really happy to see folks mucking with functionality that improves the Slack experience. Like Portland developer Aaron Parecki‘s Squash Reports. Read More