Rescuing restaurants: TableHero promises simple one click Web sites for Portland restauranteurs

We’ve all been there. You keep hearing about this new restaurant that is supposedly the new hotness. Or, worse yet, an old restaurant that is suddenly in vogue again. And full of fear of missing out and losing your hipster cred, you rush to the Web to check them out. And then crickets.

No, not those kind of crickets. You know more like the “WTF? Do they not have a website?” kind of crickets. Or worse than not finding a website. Finding one. And then saying “This website is awful. Why aren’t hours and location front and center on the mobile site?”

Wait. That’s not just me, is it? I mean, you’ve done that right? Not that you’re not always in the loop on the latest and greatest. Just that that happens. C’mon. You can level with me. You’re among friends.

So anyway… There’s a new startup that’s trying to fix that problem. And they’re starting their beta in Portland. Meet TableHero.

TableHero from TableHero on Vimeo.

Never pay a web developer to update your website again. TableHero automatically refreshes your website with new reviews, pictures, and menus all sourced from trusted sites.

“Ultimately, we want to reimagine the entire tech stack a restaurant needs to be operational (digital presence/reservations/payments),” said Deap Ubhi, creator of TableHero, in a comment on Product Hunt. “The specific problem we are solving here is just getting restaurant owners to adopt a website that does not require them to manage it, update it, pay developers to make it responsive and mobile friendly, etc.

“Restaurant owners are some of the busiest entrepreneurs I’ve met, and they care deeply for their customers. They don’t have much time (if any) to interface with technology. Technology for them should manage itself, be subtle, invisible in a way. TableHero not only makes their sites beautiful, but makes them fully responsive to any device, and continually updates itself with newer, fresher content. A lot of these insights come from being a part of a restaurant-owning family for the last 30 years.”

TableHero is currently testing its platform with:

  • Brazil Grill
  • Elephants Delicatessen
  • DarSalam
  • Flying Elephants at PDX
  • Grant’s Philly Cheesesteaks
  • Hammy’s Pizza
  • Miyamoto Sushi
  • Porto Terra Tuscan Grill
  • Portofino Caffe Italiano
  • Sushi Sakura

Tangentially, it’s always nice to see Portland continuing to serve as an early beta test ground for folks. Kind of takes me back to the days of Google Hotpot.

For more information or if you’re a restaurant that wants to sign up, visit TableHero.

(Hat tip Dave Schappell and Micah Baldwin)

  1. Thanks much for the writeup, Rick! I just wanted to clarify for your readers that we’re live for ALL of PDX restaurants. We just posted a few on Product Hunt for those folks that were not familiar with PDX as a city, who may have wanted to take TableHero for a spin.

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