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Web traffic looking a little low as of late? International Persuasion Machines is here to help

It happens. Web traffic dips. Through no fault of your own. But that doesn’t change the fact that you committed to those KPIs. And now, there seems to be no way to ensure you’re going to secure that bonus. Fear not, Webmaster. Portland startup International Persuasion Machines is here to help you reach your quota.

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Senator Wyden battles Patriot Act access to Web browsing records

I always respect Senator Ron Wyden‘s work to protect both privacy and a free and open Internet. He’s been at the forefront of this work for a long time. And has been one of the critical voices in protecting a platform that has enabled the sites, ecommerce, and social media we enjoy on the Web, today. This time, Senator Wyden is working against the FBI using Patriot Act Section 215 to access Web browsing logs.

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From events to signature craft brews, there’s a whole bunch mo’ Mozilla and Firefox around Portland, lately

While Mozilla has been part of the Portland tech community for more than a decade, they didn’t officially open an office here—their first US office outside of Silicon Valley—until five years ago. But with ever growing concerns about privacy and security on the Web, Mozilla has recently started making a lot more noise about their presence in the Rose City—and their Firefox Web browser.

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Anything but cloudy: Cloud Four redesigns their Web presence out in the open

For many companies, redesigning a Web site is something that happens behind closed doors. Where UI and copy and imagery are perfected by a small team, followed by rounds and rounds of revisions, and executive sign off before the big reveal. Well, Portland responsive design shop Cloud Four is turning that notion on its head. Read More

Rescuing restaurants: TableHero promises simple one click Web sites for Portland restauranteurs

We’ve all been there. You keep hearing about this new restaurant that is supposedly the new hotness. Or, worse yet, an old restaurant that is suddenly in vogue again. And full of fear of missing out and losing your hipster cred, you rush to the Web to check them out. And then crickets. Read More

Wanting to step up your front-end game? Modern Web Dev Workshop can help

Like everything these days, the world of Web development changes quickly. Staying on top of the latest technologies—let alone mastering them—can be a challenge for even the most talented developer. Local dev shop Planet Argon is hoping to help with a Modern Web Dev Workshop. Read More

Dive Head First into Mobile Web with some of Portland’s most respected mobile types

Want to learn something new this year? How about figuring out how to do mobile Web design the right way? Even better? How about learning how to do it the right way from the awesome folks at Cloud Four?

Portlanders Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby—two of the cofounders of Cloud Four—have just the title you need on your shelf: Head First Mobile Web. Read More

Do you know the importance of a SkyLedger? Awesome Web based bookkeeping and accounting at your fingertips

You can get awesome Web based bookkeeping and accounting and shop locally with SkyLedger from Lake Oswego based Cloudmanic Labs.

When it comes to running a small business, every entrepreneur’s favorite activity is bookkeeping. I mean, am I right? Hello? Bookkeeping! YAY! No?

Yeah no. Every small business I know is constantly on the lookout for simple, straightforward, cost effective software for helping to manage the books. And there are some great solutions out there. But what if I told you one of those awesome solutions was right here in your own backyard? Read More

Healthy content: MDiTV looks to bring video content about your health to the Web

Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information.

Today, with YouTube and Hulu and Netflix and thousands of other sites, we’ve grown very used to consuming our entertainment online. Because of that, the TV has become less and less of a modern necessity. But what about educational content? Content that’s actually good for us? Well, for all the promise of the Web, it seems that a great deal of that type of content still remains relegated to television and traditional broadcast.

Until now. Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information. Read More

If Turkey Tracker isn’t the quintessential Portland Thanksgiving activity, I don’t know what is

Now you can have holiday fun, tasty eats, and a good dose of Web-enabled turkey technology all as part of Thanksgiving thanks to Portland-based Turkey Tracker, the best Web-based Thanksgiving you’ll ever see.

We here in good old Portland love our food. And we love our technology. And we love the Web. But far too often those loves remain separate and distinct. I mean, sure there’s some crossover—Whiffies and KoiFusion jump to mind—but by and large, our food and tech are usually two completely different realms.

Well not anymore, my friend. Now you can have holiday fun, tasty eats, and a good dose of Web-enabled turkey technology—all as part of Thanksgiving—thanks to Portland-based Turkey Tracker, the best Web-based Thanksgiving you’ll ever see. Read More

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