Anything but cloudy: Cloud Four redesigns their Web presence out in the open

For many companies, redesigning a Web site is something that happens behind closed doors. Where UI and copy and imagery are perfected by a small team, followed by rounds and rounds of revisions, and executive sign off before the big reveal. Well, Portland responsive design shop Cloud Four is turning that notion on its head.

We finally have the time to give our perpetual back-burner project the attention it deserves. And we decided we wanted to try something different this time.

We’re going to redesign Cloudfour.com in the open!

We’ve never done something like this before. Consider it a grand experiment.

Sound interesting? Cloud Four has set up a public Trello board so you can see the tasks at hand. Want to follow along and provide feedback as they go? Cloud Four has Slack instance you can join.

For more on the company, visit Cloud Four.