Understanding the impact of capital in today's Pacific Northwest startup ecosystem

I spend a great deal of time pontificating on what’s happening in the Portland startup scene. Guessing at themes and trends. Taking ad hoc swags at what’s having impact and what’s not. It works fairly well. But it’s always nice to have real numbers and research analyzing what’s happening here. That’s why I was happy to see a new Pacific Northwest Capital Scan for 2016.

The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Capital Scan is to gather and present a summary of regional growth capital, in its many forms, in order to allow business leaders and institutional investors to better align the application of their resources. Investment capital may be seeking returns, impact, or both. Growth company leaders may be seeking sources of investment capital that will enable them to build successful enterprises and create wealth for themselves, their communities, and those who invest in their venture. A gap in knowledge of the available growth capital and opportunities leads to an inefficient ecosystem where much time is lost in the discovery phase for both parties. The Pacific Northwest Capital Scan is a map for all to help expedite intelligent engagements.

And what did they find? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you. But suffice it to say:

recommendation? "Invest in the foundational building blocks of the company formation ecosystem: entrepreneurial…

Posted by Rick Turoczy on Friday, March 4, 2016

Now you’ve got some weekend reading to do. Grab the Pacific Northwest Capital Scan for 2016 (PDF).