It's no secret that Adam DuVander knows APIs. Now that knowledge is accessible to EveryDeveloper.

He’s been talking about mapping APIs since way back when. In fact, he wrote the book on map scripting. As if that wasn’t enough, he was lead editor for ProgrammableWeb, the go to resource for API information. Now, Adam DuVander is making that API knowledge even more accessible. Meet EveryDeveloper.

Based on years of research and heaps of data, EveryDeveloper compares the most popular services across the types of APIs that developers are most likely to use.

Don’t spend hours poring over your own research when EveryDeveloper has done the work for you. Compare APIs by pricing, SDKs, documentation, reliability, support, and more.

It’s like Consumer Reports for APIs. And promises to ensure that you waste less time building on APIs that aren’t worth your time—or don’t provide what you need.

Comparisons of APIs for maps (duh), payment, SMS, social, user login, and voice are currently available. With more on the docket.

For more information or to start comparing APIs, visit EveryDeveloper.

  1. Thanks Max! Based on my background, I get asked for recommendations all the time. So, part of the reason for EveryDeveloper is to have a single place to answer those questions… then, I think there’s a need to stay updated on what changes within those common choices.

  2. Cool! I love this idea! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve google around to try to figure out what the best/most popular/easiest to use API is out there.

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