Month: May 2016

Talking unikernels with Docker at the New Relic FutureTalk

One of the things I love most about Portland is its culture of curiosity. We want to try the new stuff. To take risks with early technology. And to figure out how we can make use of the latest and greatest. It’s what keeps our tech community at the creative edge. So it’s highly likely that a number are well phrased in the concept of unikernels. Read More

Intel outside: Let's figure out how to help those in our community affected by the Intel layoffs

In case you haven’t heard, Intel is in the midst of reducing its global workforce. It’s a change that affects thousands of employees worldwide. And given that the Portland area is home to more Intel folks than anywhere on earth, it’s going to have significant impact here locally, as well. Like to the tune of nearly 800 people in the Portland area losing their jobs. Read More