Looking to do a little hacking this weekend? Looking to do a little hiring this weekend?

Talent. It’s difficult to find. We get it. And even when you can find it, it can be difficult to ascertain whether the person has the exact skills you’re seeking. That’s why HackerRank is hosting the HackerRank TechHire CodeSprint (CamelCaseFTW!), this weekend, to help developers and employers connect more effectively around skills and needs.

Interested in hacking?

You have 48 hours starting 9AM EST on Saturday, July 23 to complete up to 8 coding challenges. On the day of the contest, simply login to the HackerRank TechHire CodeSprint page and start coding!Challenges are scored according to a rubric, with attention to quality, functionality of code. Employers will see the names, contact info and scores of the top participants across the nation and regionally.

Cash prizes for the top three, Amazon Gift Cards for the top 40, and tshirts for the top 150. So, I can safely say that you’re at least getting a t-shirt out of it. Yes. I think you’re that good.

Interested in hiring?

TechHire is a national effort to help employers solve their IT occupational staffing challenges in ways that grow a more inclusive and relevant pipeline of superb tech talent. Specifically, the TechHire initiative seeks employers that will:

  • Consider interviewing a vetted candidate for an open position
  • Share which specific IT jobs and skills are in demand
  • Provide feedback on candidates

There’s still time to apply as an employer. Just fill out this TechHire CodeSprint employer form.

For more information, visit HackerRank. Or check out the TechHire details on Portland.

Shameless plug: Another good way to find awesome talent is the Silicon Florist job board. Just sayin’.