Worth an integration: Mimic is a bot that learns to impersonate folks in Slack

There’s a whole bunch of experimentation with bots as of late. Some of it serious. Some of it silly. But it’s all pretty darn compelling. And Portland is no stranger to mucking around with these little buckets of artificial intelligence. Take Mimic, a new bot designed by the creative technologist over at Wieden+Kennedy‘s The Lodge.

As the name implies, Mimic listens to folks on your Slack instance, learning how they talk, picking up on their favorite topics and phrases, and getting the way that they string sentences together on Slack. And then—when you want it to—Mimic is more than happy to take a crack at composing a Slack update in the voice of the person you choose.

Best of all, the more it listens, the better it gets. So give it a chance. Even AI has a learning curve.

Like what you see? Mimic is hanging out Product Hunt today. So kick it an up vote.

For more on Mimic, Needybot, and all of the other projects that these folks are pursuing, follow The Lodge on Twitter.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. W+K is primary patron supporting PIE. But regardless, this bot is awesome. I’d be writing it up anyway.]