Interested in talking shop with Dave Winer? He'll be in Portland on August 19

Here you are. Reading stuff on the web. And listening to stuff on the Web. It’s like a thing. A thing people do. But it took a while to make it possible. And to make it discoverable. And consumable. And very few individuals have been thinking about this issue—this whole Web content thing—longer than Dave Winer.

Not familiar with Dave’s work? Well, you’re soaking in it. Blogging, RSS, podcasting… he’s been part of the early development and adoption of those efforts. And now, you have the chance to hang out and talk shop with him. In Portland.

I’m going there to hang out with Ward and others, but I am open to have an old-style blog meetup, if there’s interest.

Maybe Friday night, the 19th?

We’ll need a place to meet in downtown Portland. The way I like to do it is first we spend 1.5 hours or so in a classroom-style venue, a place where everyone can hear everyone else. We’ll talk about writing for the web, generally. I’d like to talk specifically about the software I’m working on, 1999.io, LO2 and the various server snacks. I hope Ward will be there, and we can talk a bit about connecting our software, which is very important, and something we both believe in. We need a little leadership there, and it takes two to get the interop ball rolling.

Sound interesting? Well, take a few seconds to let Dave know you’re interested. And maybe something will happen.

(Hat tip to Sean Wiese)

(Image courtesy Kris Krug. Used under Creative Commons.)