Thinking about cranking out an app this weekend? Brightwork can help

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Everyone in Portland has a side project or three. So I know you’ve had that app idea for a while. You know the one. And you’ve likely said—for the past few months—“I’m totally going to work on that this weekend.” But you don’t. Because the complexity seems a little daunting.

Well get ready to be happy. Because Portland startup Brightwork may have the means of helping you crank out that app—and creating your next side project.

Think of Brightwork as a series of scripts akin to the old Cpanel days. When you need a particular API or service you simply press a button and everything is done for you. You then manage it from your front end and design your interface around the little chunks you’ve spun up. It’s very nerdy stuff but useful.

Brightwork is part of the current cohort at Techstars Chicago. But they’re planning to be back in town after that.

For more information or to try the Brightwork beta for yourself, visit Brightwork.

[Full disclosure: I am an advisor to Brightwork but don’t hold that against them.]