Easily the most overlooked and most successful content startup in Portland: Digital Trends turns 10

Every once in a while it comes up in conversation. “What’s the most overlooked company in town? Or the company that no one knows is here?” For a time, a good answer was Survey Monkey. Or MetaFilter. Or maybe deflecting with a regional office, like Pinterest or Yahoo! or Yieldbot. But time and time again, one of my favorite go to answers has been a homegrown startup here in town, Digital Trends. Yes, that Digital Trends.

Digital Trends has grown from a simple WordPress blog to become a dominant force in consumer electronics reporting, gaming, popular culture… you name it. And they’ve done it all from Portland.

Today, DigitalTrends.com gets 25 million unique visitors a month, and recently crossed a new threshold: The site dished out 90 million page views in June. Along the way, it built a video arm that serves up millions of views each month…

And in addition to those impressive numbers, they just hit another noteworthy achievement. Digital Trends is a decade old. And to celebrate, they’re launching a new feature called DT10.

We’re celebrating Digital Trends’ 10th birthday with DT10, an ongoing series that examines how tech has changed every aspect of our lives, from food to film to dating, over the past 10 years – and what’s to come in the next 10. Come back every Monday for a new chapter!

So maybe it’s time you stopped reading this swill (Um. I honestly don’t even know that swill can be read.) and stepped up to read the best blog in Portland, Digital Trends.

(Hat tip Mitch Daugherty)