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Thinking about taking your startup team remote? Get REMOTE: Office not required for free

The funny thing about startups is that they all start as remote. I mean, it’s a kitchen table. Or a coffeeshop. Or a brew pub. That’s the kind of place your company starts. With you. With an idea. And maybe a laptop.

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Two Techstars take three Portland startups

Okay okay okay. Maybe I’m still a bit sore that Techstars passed Portland up to make Seattle its Northwest presence. (Admittedly, they made the right decision.) Or maybe it’s the fact that we were only home to a Techstars for a brief shining three months thanks to the inaugural “powered by” program.

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This may be the shortest survey you’ve ever taken

One of the best things about building companies, these days, is how accessible folks are. You don’t have to guess as to what people want. You can just ask them. And that’s why I’m always happy to see startups taking a few minutes to simply talk to their potential customers. And listen.

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If they’ve helped you find places to work, it’s time to help Portland startup Workfrom

Sometimes, you find services incredibly valuable, but you can’t seem to find a way to repay them for what they do. That’s what I love about Patreon. it provides a platform that lets folks tell creators how important their work is. And that’s why I’m really happy to see an incredibly valuable resource like Workfrom giving us the chance to give back.

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Making coworking space even more accessible: Workfrom WeWork

If there’s one thing that always intrigues me about modern business, it’s the constant creative fragmentation that makes things more and more accessible to individuals on an as needed basis. Cars, housing, stuff, workspace… it’s happening on any number of fronts.

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Do you work remotely? Buffer and Portland startup Workfrom want to hear from you

In the tech world, working remotely has become a commonly accepted practice. Heck. Some tech companies don’t even have offices anymore, opting instead to go entirely virtual. But for all of us out there inhabiting coffeeshops and coworking spaces, there’s still a gap in our understanding of this model of working and how it affects us. But Buffer and Portland startup Workfrom are working to fix that.

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Now, figuring out where to Workfrom fits in the palm of your hand

If you’re among the coffeeshop camping workforce in Portland, you’re probably well aware of Workfrom, the company that helps you figure out nearby places, wifi speeds and passwords, and the like. But what you may not know is that finding those great work spots just got a heck of a lot easier. With the Workfrom mobile app. Read More

Looking to test drive a few coworking spots? Workfrom these Portland spots

We’re definitely having a coworking renaissance around here. More awesome places to work seem to be popping up every day. But decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s why Portland startup Workfrom gives you the chance to be indecisive for awhile. Read More

Put Portland center stage: Portland startup Workfrom vies for a spot at TNW Conference USA 2015

We always like to say that we help one another out here in the Portland startups scene. Well, here’s another chance to prove it. And it’s as simple as clicking a vote button. What will that do? Well it will give Portland startup Workfrom the chance to appear on stage at TNW Conference USA 2015. Read More

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