Month: August 2016

Interested in talking shop with Dave Winer? He'll be in Portland on August 19

Here you are. Reading stuff on the web. And listening to stuff on the Web. It’s like a thing. A thing people do. But it took a while to make it possible. And to make it discoverable. And consumable. And very few individuals have been thinking about this issue—this whole Web content thing—longer than Dave Winer. Read More

Want to light up our lives? Propose an installation for the Portland Winter Light Festival 2017

Earlier this year, the Portland Eastside Esplanade became a menagerie of strange and wonderful light filled contraptions. It was a moment in time when all of those awesome artists were given a canvas to bring a little more brightness into our dreary winter lives. And guess what? It’s happening again next year. And you can be part of it. Through the Portland Winter Light Festival. Read More