Check that "Start a podcast" resolution off of your list with STREAM PDX

Sure sure. I get it. You had every intention of starting that new podcast, this year. This was going to be the year. But still. There’s all the equipment and editing and promotion and… We’ve all been there. Trust me. The year is drawing quickly to a close and you’re starting to think that 2016 resolution might need to be moved to the 2017 list. Don’t lose faith. STREAM PDX has got your back. And your new podcast.

“But… but… but…,” you say. Hush. Buck up, little camper. This is going to be easy. And fun. Thanks to another little camper. (I mean, literally. It’s an Airstream camper.) With the STREAM PDX 24-Hour Podcast Challenge.

On Friday night, we’ll give an overview of the next 24 hours, and share some simple tips you can use to get started on your podcast episode. You can record on your phones, borrow field recorders, or book time in the STREAM PDX studio! Remember, simply using a better microphone won’t help you tell a better story.

By dinner Saturday evening, the showcase begins and the fun continues! You’ll finish editing the episode by 5pm, submit it for the evening show, and then relax and enjoy the rest of the night! Starting at 7pm the event is open to the public, and we’ll premiere each team’s podcast episode! Invite your friends to hear your creation and enjoy food and drinks!

The event takes place December 9-10, 2016. The cost is $10. And all you have to bring is yourself, your voice, a few pieces of tech, and your idea.

Not interested in starting a podcast? No worries. There’s something for you, as well. You see, this event also doubles as a fundraiser for STREAM PDX to help the Airstream-housed podcasting studio locate to a new home.

See? Something for everyone.

For more information on starting your podcast or supporting STREAM PDX, visit the STREAM PDX 24-Hour Podcast Challenge.