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Check that "Start a podcast" resolution off of your list with STREAM PDX

Sure sure. I get it. You had every intention of starting that new podcast, this year. This was going to be the year. But still. There’s all the equipment and editing and promotion and… We’ve all been there. Trust me. The year is drawing quickly to a close and you’re starting to think that 2016 resolution might need to be moved to the 2017 list. Don’t lose faith. STREAM PDX has got your back. And your new podcast. Read More

Portland public podcasting posts up in an Airstream: Stream PDX

Portland has long been home to any number of interesting podcasts. With new shows cropping up all of the time. But even today, the intricacies of podcasting can still be cryptic and intimidating. (Sorry Adam Curry, it’s true.) That’s why it’s always nice to see projects that look to eliminate those barriers and get more voices—literally—on the air. Meet Stream PDX. Read More

Calling all you digital journalist types! Digital Journalism Social Hour returns November 16

Digital Journalism Social Hour. It was a regular gathering of bloggers, podcasters, and traditional journalists organized by Abraham Hyatt, former managing editor of Oregon Business Magazine and now production editor at ReadWriteWeb.

You might remember a little thing called Digital Journalism Social Hour. It was a regular gathering that sprung out of the inaugural Digital Journalism Camp—an unconference for  bloggers, podcasters, and traditional journalists—organized by Abraham Hyatt, former managing editor of Oregon Business Magazine and now production editor at ReadWriteWeb.

Well, the event took a bit of hiatus. And it was sorely missed. But now—with the help of Betsy Richter of Redoing Media—it’s back. Read More

Joining Strange Love Live Productions and announcing we’ll be doing 30 hour day all over again

Rick Turoczy joins Cami Kaos and Dr. Normal as a producer and partner for Strange Love Live Productions. And we announce the dates for the next 30 hour day, July 2 and 3.

[HTML3]Howdy. Rick, here. I don’t usually do many “introspective” posts. But this seemed warranted. (Although, I’ve been hesitating to post this, because I keep thinking that Cami Kaos and Dr. Normal are going to realize the error of their ways. But given that they still haven’t said, “We were just joking,” I’m going to have to go ahead and run with this.)

In case you didn’t get the chance to tune into my appearance on Strange Love Live’s year end recap, I wanted to let you know that we had a couple of announcements. Read More

Want to listen to pdx.fm on your iPhone? There isn’t an app for that—by design

No, you won’t, silly imaginary person. You see, it’s not an app. pdx.fm is a Web page that uses Quicktime to deliver the content to iPhones.

When I wrote about pdx.fm launching an Internet radio station, I got a lot of people who were excited about the concept. And then, a quizzical look would cross their face and they’d scrunch up their brow and ask, “It sounds like a good idea and I love the content. But how the heck am I supposed to listen to that in the car?”

Okay. Actually nobody said that. I just made it up. People said the first two things, just not the whole “in the car” thing. It’s a literary device. I was trying to make a point.

What’s that? Oh right. The point. The point being that if there were people who had said something like that—and honestly there should have been—I would now be able to answer them with this.

“If you’ve got an iPhone,” I’d say. “You can use pdx.fm mobile.” Read More