Hack for good with the Women Who Code Portland IoT Hackathon 2016: Sustainable Cities

Portland is no stranger to hackathons. It’s long been a compelling way to leverage the culture of curiosity that drives a lot of the activity around here. But for all of the awesome hacking that happens around these parts, it’s always nice to see hackathons that focus on solving specific issues or conundrums—especially those that have applications beyond the world of technology.

That’s why I was psyched to see Women Who Code Portland organizing the IoT Hackathon 2016: Sustainable Cities:

Join us the weekend of Dec. 2nd-4th for our very first IoT Hackathon! The theme is Sustainable Cities; we are looking for ways to minimize the required inputs of energy, water and food. On a smaller scale, how can we preserve energy and prevent wasteful consumption in the home and/or at work?

The goal of the hackathon is to learn new programming skills, have fun, and work in teams to build sustainability solutions. We want to provide a space for people of all backgrounds to learn about IoT, work on a new portfolio project, or spend all weekend tinkering with hardware. All levels are welcome! You will be working in teams of 3-5 to come up with the next great solution for Sustainable Cities!

Sound like fun? Cool. The event takes place this weekend, from the evening of December 2 through the afternoon of December 4, 2016. It’s free. And will be hosted at Simple HQ on the eastside.

For more information or to RSVP, visit IoT Hackathon 2016: Sustainable Cities.