A new crop of Beaverton Startup Challenge winners

While the early stage activity around the Portland area isn’t as high-pitched as it has been in past years, there are still a number of founders pursuing compelling concepts. And the OTBC and Beaverton are at the ready to help them. They just announced the latest cohort of the Beaverton Startup Challenge.

Nearly 40 companies applied, but when the dust settled, the following companies were invited to participate:

  • BrightWork: “An all-in-one platform that allows developers to build JavaScript applications easier and faster”
  • Cross Connection Control: “Provides a complete, simplified workflow for managing backflow testing businesses and their customers”
  • Liquid Wire: “Develops and produces flexible conductive metal gels which can be printed onto any substrate for use in the smart clothing and wearable tech electronic markets”
  • Omics Data Automation: “Focuses on precision medicine and related services. Advances in clinical imaging, genetic sequencing and data science created a huge demand for scalable and efficient computing infrastructure that supports creating fast, personalized solutions for cancer and other diseases”
  • Versi App: “A ‘Yelp-like’ digital directory using a mobile app that allows businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to promote their products, services, programs and community resources to the growing Latino market”

“Beaverton is a hub for the startup community in the greater Metro region,” said Mayor Denny Doyle in a press release. “With the mentorship of OTBC, funding from the city and Westside Startup Fund, we’re pleased to be welcoming and supportive of these five companies.”

Each company receives $20,000 and access to OTBC’s top-rated mentoring services, among other benefits.

For more information, visit OTBC.

[Full disclosure: I serve as an advisor for BrightWork.]