Need more DevOps help? Dronze may be your new best (bot) friend

If there’s one thing on which you can always rely in Portland, it’s that we’re going to be mucking around with the latest and greatest technology. And trying to figure out new—and sometimes entertaining—ways to creatively put that tech to use. We’ve seen a lot of that activity lately with VR/AR/MR. But don’t forget the whole bot thing. Because there’s some interesting stuff happening there too.

Take Portland’s dronze.

What if you could have a new team member that could help you tirelessly, learning from your expertise, a sentinel who has your back and can act as your personal DevOps assistant. Dronze robots allow you to automate your DevOps activities with nothing more than conversations.

We believe that automation can help make people’s lives better. At dronze we are trying to make robots that learn from you and are eager to help, in a sense, they are a reflection of you and work tirelessly to help you do your job better.

Just add dronze to your Slack channel. And your DevOps team just got even more powerful. Need more power? Dronze has APIs that let you dramatically extend the bot to your heart’s content.

A geeky bot that let’s you make it even more geeky? Sounds about perfect.

For more information or to empower your DevOps team with a new friend, visit dronze.