Shiny new startup jobs deserve a shiny new job board (and discount code)

Today is a busy day for florists—like so busy that they often need additional help. So it seemed rather apropos to make it the day that this here Florist did a better job of helping you find the help you need. With a brand new Silicon Florist job board.

First off, let’s be frank. Any of you who have posted to the old job board over the past few years—and thank you for doing that—have likely recognized some of its limitations. And some of the opportunities for improvement.

Well, I’m happy to say that the new and improved job board has resolved a lot of those issues. Most notably, the new job board…

  • Makes it easier than ever to post jobs and woo potential candidates
  • Improves that whole “resume upload” workflow for candidates—and hiring companies
  • Has a responsive design so that you job seeking types can flip through opportunities on your mobile device
  • Enables companies who post regularly to establish profiles to help them manage multiple job entries
  • Allows employers and recruiters to buy jobs in bulk—rather than one off—saving them both time and money
  • Simplifies formatting for job posts so that they look like you want them to look
  • Enables employers to choose the option of sending candidates to a URL to apply, making it easier to consolidate candidates in a single management system
  • Fixes that logo and image management issue that had your logo taking up 50% of the job post (you know what I’m talking about)
  • Provides candidates with the option to apply with their Indeed profiles
  • Plus, there are new features that make it easier for employers to share those jobs through their social channels

As always, there’s the option to select a “Premium” listing that highlights the post, adds it to the weekly Silicon Florist newsletter, and gets it shared it via Twitter and Facebook. And if you’ve had a hard time filling that gig or you need someone immediately, there’s a new “Urgent” flag to make sure that your job listing gets seen.

Here’s hoping this makes it even more efficient to connect a bunch of awesome Portland startups with a bunch of awesome talent.

For more information or to try it yourself, visit the Silicon Florist job board. And if you’ve got a job to post, feel free to use the discount code “newboard” when you check out, which will garner you a 33% discount until the end of the February. Just think of it as my little Valentine to you.