Geek out with Digital Trends at TechfestNW

Portland loves its shiny objects. And cutting edge technology. It’s our whole culture of curiosity. We can’t help it. But sometimes, getting ahold of the latest and greatest technology can be challenging. That’s when you need someone with connections. Like leading consumer technology blog and local success story Digital Trends.

And now, Digital Trends has partnered with Portland’s premier tech conference, TechfestNW, to host another TechPOP gathering, where we all get to play with the shiny objects to which DT has access.

TechPOP is powered by Digital Trends as your exclusive opportunity to experience the newest and coolest tech from VR to drones to 3D printers and much more. Digital Trends strives to provide attendees with a hands-on approach to tech for the way you live, but also, it’s a great party. The main attraction will center around VR. Anyone more interested in escaping reality can step inside our HTC’s Vive experience and try out the hottest VR hardware on the market.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with TechfestNW for our first hometown event of the year,” said Ian Bell, CEO and Publisher of Digital Trends. “They deliver a great conference, and we’ll deliver their attendees some great tech in return.”

TFNW will be held at the Portland Art Museum, March 23-24, 2017. Tickets are $165.

For more information, visit TechPOP or TechfestNW.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of TechfestNW and I continue to advise on the project.]