Your own private SpaceX: Spinner Galactic

Why let the folks at SpaceX have all of the fun? Now you can explore an endless array of galactic systems. All from the comfort of your own phone. It’s all thanks to the latest game from Portland based Backabit. Meet Spinner Galactic.

Our gravity-assisted propulsion and remote planet-claiming technology make it easy for even novice spacefarers to conquer a solar system single-handedly (or even single-thumbedly)… but few (or really any) explorers survive such a perilous trek. Only those with the best reflexes, timing and guts will earn the glory of a high score or the coin to staff the strangest crew this side of Epsilon Eridani.

You may remember another game by this crew called Ramps which—like Spinner Galactic—used physics and a simple interface to make an incredibly addicting game. This one promises to be no different.

But the artwork. Man. The artwork is light years (ahem) ahead of Ramps. It’s gorgeous.

If you, like me, are still trying to overcome the disappointment of Super Mario Run, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

The game is currently available for iOS.

For more information, visit Spinner Galactic. And if you like what you see, consider giving it an upvote on Product Hunt.