Getting everyone on the same page: Talkoot simplifies content management for product companies

For as many consumer products as we produce around Portland—and throughout the state—its still rare for Portland’s tech startups and consumer brands to cross paths. It happens. Most notably with companies like Brandlive, embodee, Opal, and Orchestra. But not as often as you’d think.

Well, today, I’m happy to report that there’s another one to add to the list, Talkoot.

Talkoot is Finnish for ‘a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task.’ Talkoot is a cloud-based copy production and collaboration system (SaaS) designed to help brand teams write, edit, approve and translate product copy for thousands of products per season, then deliver that content quickly to the global marketplace. Target customers are brands with product lines and distribution channels, whose sales depend on generating a high volume of accurate, credible, consistent, and legally approved product copy season after season. Talkoot’s specialized online software easily plugs into existing ERP’s, CMS, PLM’s, etc., without creating redundant functionality or costs. Talkoot is based in Oregon with offices in Hood River and Portland.

“Talkoot has been a gamechanger for the team at Mountain Hardwear. Thanks to Talkoot we now have a vastly improved ability to manage product information, product copy and workflow. We have better visibility and more efficient collaboration, requiring far less time and fewer resources to manage. Talkoot’s user interface is intuitive, flexible and responsive,” said Annabel Heinemann of Mountain Hardwear. “We couldn’t be happier with Talkoot as our product information management system.”

Interested in how this whole thing came about? Take a walk through Talkoot’s history. For more information on the product, visit Talkoot.