Content on Rails: FINE releases new homegrown CMS

Like Ruby? What about open source? Oh. Cool. By any chance, might you be looking for a new content management system? Well, boy howdy. I’m thinking you might like what FINE—a digital agency with a presence in Portland and San Francisco—has just cooked up. Meet Fae.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a fresh take on a true CMS. But this effort from FINE delivers.

Like many Rails CMS engines, Fae delivers all the basics to get you up and running: authentication/authorization, a responsive UI, form helpers and workflows. But unlike other engines, Fae generates models, controllers, and views into your app that inherit from its core classes. That’s what enables Fae to work by default with almost no coding. And when it’s time to customize a single view or an entire section, it can be done in a way that will feel familiar to most Rails developers.

Best of all? It’s totally open source.

For more information, see what Techcrunch has to say. Or read the FINE post about Fae.