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Getting everyone on the same page: Talkoot simplifies content management for product companies

For as many consumer products as we produce around Portland—and throughout the state—its still rare for Portland’s tech startups and consumer brands to cross paths. It happens. Most notably with companies like Brandlive, embodee, Opal, and Orchestra. But not as often as you’d think.

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Urban Airship launches AirMail: Your iPhone push notifications just got a lot more interesting

Now, Portland-based Urban Airship has introduced a better option: AirMail, a new service that allows app developers to deliver rich push notifications to their users, simply and easily.

[HTML2]Apple Push Notification Service has changed the way that iPhone app developers communicate with their users—by enabling developers to remain in contact by sending messages directly from their applications. Not only does it keep the application in the user’s mind, it provides yet another way of improving the user experience.

But there’s one little problem with the whole push setup. You see, for all the beauty of the iPhone interface and the apps therein, push notifications are still simple text messages. And that might not always deliver the user experience developers want. Read More

It’s not project management, it’s FMYI: HBO and other big names laud Portland-based collaboration platform

Portland-based FMYI has to be one of my favorite dark horse “They’re in Portland?” companies. They work with huge brands. They’ve been around forever—at least in Internet time. (I mean, c’mon. They have a four-letter domain name.) And best of all? They’ve been incredibly successful—and growing—even in this down economy.

Need proof? Well today they’re taking the wraps off of their latest version—FMYI 6.0—and the announcement includes some very kind words from a couple of those big name clients, namely HBO and Hyatt. Read More

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