Kapor Center Tech Leavers Study is well timed for the Portland startup community

As the Portland startup community continues to work toward being more inclusive, a recent report from the Kapor Center couldn’t be more well-timed. The “Tech Leavers Study” captures evidence on why people “voluntarily” left jobs in the tech industry. The findings aren’t surprising. But the quantification of the detrimental impact of toxic startup cultures is. To the tune of $16 billion a year.

But, honestly, even that financial impact pales in comparison to the emotional damage being done to any number of amazingly talented individuals in our community—and the unfathomable impact of the loss of their intelligence and insight on the products and companies we’re trying to build.

Unfairness in the form of everyday behavior (stereotyping, harassment, microaggressions, etc.) is a very real and damaging part of the tech work environment, specifically affecting underrepresented groups, driving turnover, and affecting companies in financial and reputational costs. By focusing on improving workplace culture, we can work to remove the factors that cause valuable employees to leave, and improve the diversity and inclusion of tech workplaces for all employees.

For more information or to download the report, visit the Kapor Center for Social Impact.