Have you tried rebooting it? Startup Poker 2.0 and Startup PDX both reboot their community building events

Rebooting. It’s not just for devices and computers anymore. In fact, a couple of Portland events are in the midst or rebooting and changing their format, in the hopes of addressing some of the gaps in our community. And since they’ve both got events coming up in the near future, I thought I’d highlight them.

For founders: Portland Startup Poker 2.0 (May 18)

Startup Poker 2.0 is a founder to founder dinner and poker game. This event always starts off with some amazing local Thai food and conversation among founders and a featured founder speaker. This month, we’ll hear from host Mat Ellis of Cloudability. Following Mat’s talk, folks are welcome to stay for a tournament style poker game. (That said, there is absolutely no pressure to play.)

For more information or to apply to join the group, visit Startup Haven.

For anyone: Startup PDX (May 25)

We’re taking this community from a former place of just beerhall networking…to becoming a hub for Startup Professionals and Startup Entrepreneurs to level-up…together!

Our vision is to support the Portland Startup ecosystem, by being a place for Inspiration, Knowledge, and Networking. We’re already lining up some amazing talks and meetups for the next few months.

For more information or to sign up, visit Startup PDX on Meetup.