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Starting a company is hard. That’s why founders need a Startup Haven.

Sometimes, you just need to be around folks who get your struggle. Other founders who are trying to build businesses. Peers who can provide both insights and a friendly ear. That’s part of the motivation behind Startup Haven, a series of founder only events, that kicks off 2019, this Thursday in Portland.

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Have you tried rebooting it? Startup Poker 2.0 and Startup PDX both reboot their community building events

Rebooting. It’s not just for devices and computers anymore. In fact, a couple of Portland events are in the midst or rebooting and changing their format, in the hopes of addressing some of the gaps in our community. And since they’ve both got events coming up in the near future, I thought I’d highlight them.

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Something new in the cards: Portland Startup Poker 2.0

There are any number of opportunities in the Portland startup scene for people to pitch or geek out or present. But the pure social events are often few and far between. So, it’s nice to see new additions in that regard. Here’s one: If you’re into the cards and low-impact socializing, Portland has launched a Startup Poker 2.0 group. Read More