Saving grace: Portland startup Vault releases an elegant new way of saving for retirement

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Get your product into your customers’ hands as soon as possible. Sometimes, those users help define product. Sometimes, they reveal significant flaws. And sometimes, they help you realize the product that customers actually want to use.

Portland-based Vault experienced the latter. And that helped them rapidly scope, design, and develop a new product inspired by those learnings.

They launched it today. And here’s what folks are saying:

TechCrunch: Vault now offers retirement accounts for any independent contractor

Designed for freelance contractors who might not have steady or reliable income flows, Vault’s new products help simplify the process of putting aside a percentage of each paycheck. Users simply connect their bank accounts to Vault, tell the service what percentage they’d like to put aside for retirement, and Vault does the hard work of saving for them.

GeekWire: Vault launches app that helps people save for retirement with their paychecks

Vault lets users automatically invest part of their paycheck into a retirement fund, taking advantage of tech to make the process much simpler than traditional retirement plans. The idea is to make saving for retirement easier and more affordable for the increasing number of people who don’t have retirement plans through their employers.

Portland Business Journal: How a Portland startup is bringing retirement savings to the masses

Vault learned from early testers that, for many contractors, freelancers and others with variable income, setting up traditional savings either proved difficult or wasn’t cost efficient.

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For more information or to download the mobile app, visit Vault.