Searching for temporary creative space in Portland? Search AVVAY

Portland is lucky to have a ton of awesome coworking spaces to host our startups and creative types. But what if you’re in need of some temporary creative space for a photoshoot or offsite? That’s the question that Nashville-based AVVAY is working to solve. And they just launched their service in Portland.

AVVAY is a platform for artists to find and book creative space. Our motto, “Keep Creating,” speaks to our ultimate goal: to give creatives the freedom and space they need to make what they want. Whether that freedom comes from monetizing personal space or easily finding the perfect space for your next project, AVVAY allows creatives to tap into resources that have never before been within reach. From commercial studios to the hidden gems in city lofts, farmhouses, and other eclectic locations, we make inspiration accessible.

To thumb through available spaces or list your own, visit AVVAY.