Augmenting their own reality: Atheer acquires Starve Ups, Portland Seed Fund, and Techstars alum SpaceView

A lot of my discussions around the Portland tech community and its current momentum tend to concern companies and individuals exploring alternative realities—virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality. And that should come as a surprise to… absolutely no one. Like many new technologies, Portland’s early adopters have been mucking around with VR and AR for years.

But now, the world of VR/AR is starting to become an actual market. And that—like Web, open source, and mobile before it—is when things start getting for the Portland crowd.

Take SpaceView, a Portland AR company that has been working in the space (ahem) since 2012, starting with a mobile solution for virtually adding and appropriately scaling furniture and other accoutrement to images of actual rooms. Throughout their existence, SpaceView has taken investment and mentorship from Portland Seed Fund and Techstars. And they’ve been part of Oregon’s original startup accelerator, Starve Ups.

Now, all of that hard work has paid off—in an exit. SpaceView has been acquired by Atheer, one of the leading providers of AR for industrial use.

And if you’re wondering why Atheer sounds familiar, it could be because they’ve made Portland acquisition headlines before. When they picked up fellow PSF alum and Foundry Group investment OnTheGo Platforms late in 2015.

Terms of the SpaceView deal were not disclosed.

For more information on the companies, visit SpaceView and Atheer.

(h/t Starve Ups)