Booking meetings can be infuriating. Portland startup Appointlet is changing that.

Like email, I’ve used digital calendars for decades. And yet, I’ve never quite managed to master them. In fact, more often than not, they’re just a swirling mess of missed opportunities and days filled with back and forth emails about a time and location that seems to work for both of us. There has to be a better way. And Portland startup Appointlet is working to build it.

Appointlet is a passionate software company that is bringing appointment scheduling into the 21st century by modernizing the way businesses interact with their customers.

Appointlet is the brainchild of Jared Morse. While working at a startup in Portland, OR he began to tire of the back and forth with customers just to add an event to Google Calendar.

And so he began a journey to extend Google Calendar into a fully capable, self-serve scheduling app. Appointlet was born.

To learn how it works or to try it yourself, visit Appointlet. Want to help fix this problem? Appointlet is hiring.