Latest game from Portland’s The Fullbright Company, Tacoma, available August 2, 2017

When Portland’s The Fullbright Company released its first major title, Gone Home, not only was it well received by players, it was heralded by critics for its immersive experience as well as the creativity of its approach. Long story short, it set the bar—and the expectations for Fullbright as a studio—extremely high. Now, nearly four years to the date of Gone Home’s release, we get access to their next title, Tacoma.

According to Wired, the game puts you in a role similar to that of Gone Home:

Tacoma places you on the vacant Tacoma after a mysterious accident, tasked with retrieving ODIN for Venturis. Those phantom scraps of data show up as static in your augmented-reality display, allowing you to play them back in the 3D space around you; rewind them, fast forward them, watching their choreography from any angle you desire. As you comb through the station, downloading every part of ODIN on behalf of Venturis, you play the digital voyeur. You watch, you learn, and bit by lost bit, you piece together the story of the Tacoma.

The game is available on Steam and XBox One starting August 2, 2017.

For more information or to preorder, visit Tacoma. For more background on the development of Tacoma, visit the Fullbright blog.