Connecting dots: Who’s hiring in Portland? And now, who’s looking to be hired?

I don’t know if you heard this, but apparently *looks around* Portland is seen as a hotbed for talent. No really. I swear. Talented people keep moving here. Awesome companies keep starting here. Already amazing companies open up offices here. It happens on a daily basis. Now if only there were a way to better connect all of that talent and all of those companies…

Well, here’s something that may help.

If you’re looking for a job, Silicon Florist job board now offers the option of adding your profile as a job seeker. (It’s completely free 🆓) And if you’re an employer looking for talent? You can thumb through all of these folks at your leisure.

And of course, the job board still offers the option to post interesting positions like these:

Make sure to share your skills if you’re looking for a great gig in the Portland startup community. And if you’re hiring for tech positions in the Rose City, feel free to post jobs to the Silicon Florist job board.