If you’re into making people look good, there’s a new job board to help you look for gigs

While there are some great all-around job boards in town—Mac’s List and PDX Pipeline immediately jump to mind—there are any number of new, more focused job boards cropping up that help a very particular sector of the marketing connect with gigs. The latest is ParlorGig.

ParlorGig is the gig of Jena Knox. Actually, it’s one of several jobs that keep Jena Knox busy and energized, including veteran stylist and successful salon owner in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Born in Tucson, she grew up in San Diego and took a familiar path to salon work — straight through a gaggle of jobs in coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. As a stylist, Jena saw how tough it is to land a great job. As a salon owner, she discovered how challenging it is to find and keep the high-caliber talent necessary to flourish. After experiencing it from both sides, the ParlorGig concept came to life in 2017.

We’ve seen this model work before, most notably with Poached Jobs, a job site focused on the restaurant industry. And seeing how many independent salons and spas we have in town, I’m curious to see where this goes.

To peruse available jobs or to post an opening, visit ParlorGig.