Using data from our surroundings to help us better understand human behavior

In today’s world, there can be any number of inputs that affect our mood and behavior. And thanks to some of our modern efficiencies, many of those inputs can be tracked and quantified. So what if you could use those metrics and observations to better understand human behavior—and the triggers that affect behavior? That’s a question that Portland startup BEHCA is seeking to answer.

As human beings, we all are complex in how we process and receive information as well as formulate responses or reactions. Some of us could benefit from tracking and analyzing these complexities. Fully customized to allow tracking for every individual, BEHCA will generate a graph (in the dashboard) showing trends and correlations between the variables.

One variable BEHCA automatically tracks is the natural environment, including daily weather, barometric pressure, humidity, moon phases, and so forth (based on individual location), further expanding the potential for understanding the impacts of our environment on our daily living. We have found ourselves looking in every direction, far and wide, in an attempt to understand the most exact function of a behavior. The level of detail BEHCA is capable of tracking and analyzing allows us to fine-tune and further adjust, until we reach a place of clarity and understanding.

For more information or to register for a free trial, visit BEHCA.