Wondering if your startup idea has merit? Take it through the TiE XL Bootcamp

It’s a question that has plagued every founder at one time or another: Will this idea actually work? And for many first time founders, getting to a credible answer to that question can be just as difficult as any part of the startup process. That’s why TiE Oregon offers the TiE XL Bootcamp, a 30-hour program designed to help entrepreneurs validate their product idea and get some of their early stage questions answered.

Most entrepreneurs start with a problem they want to solve but more times than not, they struggle to overcome the challenges of a startup and the business stays in the concept stage. This course covers certain key-aspects of what an entrepreneur needs to know in order to be successful. Participants are taken through the lean startup method with a strong emphasis on design thinking and customer validation – these are strategy-oriented workshops with tactical lessons and the opportunity to meet with successful mentors and to network with like-minded peers, forming lasting friendships and business connections.

Tuition for the program is $600 with discounts available to TiE members. And if you’re a founder of color and/or a woman founder, there are scholarships available, all thanks to Prosper Portland:

Courtesy of Prosper Portland, scholarships are available for qualifying entrepreneurs – we are looking for dedicated woman and minority entrepreneurs with an ambition to scale to a national or international market, intend to pursue the business full time, are headquartered in Portland, and are committed to doing the complete boot camp.

For more information or to apply, visit TiE XL Bootcamp.